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  • Chandni Bhatia

    Chandni Bhatia

    First time author. Full time mom. Part time house elf.

  • Tantra Labs

    Tantra Labs

    Tantra is an algorithmic development platform and proprietary trading desk built for generating alpha from Bitcoin trading strategies.

  • Arnav Vohra

    Arnav Vohra

    Software Developer in Bitcoin/Crypto Space

  • Fidelity Digital Assets

    Fidelity Digital Assets

    Institutional Solutions for a new asset class. https://www.fidelitydigitalassets.com

  • Pierre Rochard

    Pierre Rochard


  • Nic Carter

    Nic Carter

    Partner, Castle Island Ventures. Cofounder, Coinmetrics.io

  • StopAndDecrypt


    Information Aggregator

  • Jack Mallers

    Jack Mallers


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